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When Target Field, home of Major League Baseball's Minnesota Twins, was under construction, Studio Simon was approached to scrutinize the official club marks of the two-time World Series champions and determine where upgrades could be made before these assets were engraved in stone—in some cases, literally—throughout the new stadium.

Previous logo

New logo

The team's existing primary logo and home jersey lettering debuted in 1987, the season in which the franchise won its first World Series since moving to the Twin Cities, and they would add another title in 1991. These elements had a direct tie to the most successful period in the club’s history, so they were not going anywhere.

Anywhere but up, that is. Even a championship team has room for improvement and endeavors to take things to the next level, and it was our goal to do the same with these brand elements, building on their strengths and addressing those areas where they could be better.


Previous lettering

Updated lettering


History was further mined for the team’s new road uniforms, with a script word mark used from 1961-1965 serving as inspiration for the Twins' first-ever jerseys displaying their city name.

1961-1965 script

New script

The end results were born out of the twin objectives of respecting the past and positioning for the future, which together achieved the most important goal: elevating the brand.

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